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If you like any of the items from the pages linked below, send me an
Here is the latest addition to my items for sale-jeans and pants.
Please check for availability before making payment on any item. I try to keep the pages
here current, but occasionally an item may be sold before it's removed from the site.

New Item...
Tie Dyed Pants/Jeans

The dying process shrinks items quits a bit, so they are
not always true to size, especially with blue jeans. Please
be sure to read the measurements before making a
purchase to make sure the items listed below will fit.
These are used items that have been redyed, and they
are in excellent shape, and look almost brand new after
the tie dying done to them. It gives them a fresh look.
Very cool items you won't find anywhere else for this price.

Jordache Tie Dyed Jeans
Size 9/10
Waist 13 1/2" (27" total)
Thigh 10 1/2" (19" total)
Hips 22" (44" total)

Gap Brand Tie Dyed Cotton Pants
Size 1 Long
Waist 13" (26" total)
Thigh 9 1/2" (19" total)
Hips 20" (40" total)