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Designs to Dye For

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Welcome to Designs to Dye For!

Tie Dye and Embroidery
Unique One of a Kind Designs

Currently offering items for sale through eBay, and direct sales from the web site.


Check out my current auctions on my eBay "me" page

Click on the Link Below to Check It Out:

Designs to Dye For "me" Page on eBay


New items are being dyed all the time so check back often to see
my latest stock. If you see something you like, send me an email
to see if it's still available. Custom orders available as time allows.

All items shown here are actual item dyed. Any of the designs
shown can be dyed on most items. I am not currently showing
all dyed stock due to time limitations, and the fact that most
of my custom orders are for items that are not in stock.
Please send me an email to check on item availability, or
to place a custom order.

What's New....

Hello everyone. Well, we are moving. For any of you who haven't gotten to know
me already, I am an out of home sole proprietorship, and I do work full time
besides the clothing side business. I am not a big business, but a unique one, and
I've always tried to offer quality work and unique designs you can't find somewhere
else for a good price to all my customers. I try to treat everyone who purchases
any item from me the same way I'd like to be treated myself, and always respect
my customers. I've chosen never to sacrifice the quality of my work by hiring
someone else to do it and have set some pretty high standards for what I'm
willing to sell to my customers. I truly do consider myself as much of an artist
as I do a business. I hope all of you will be understanding with us during this
transition time for those reasons, and keep coming back in a few months with
your custom requests. I will not be taking any custom orders until at least late
May or early June. I will still sell any dyed stock I've got on hand for now, but
will not be taking orders of any sort from about the last week in April
until mid-May. Thank you for your patronage, and for your understanding.

Bumper Stickers


I accept money orders, cashiers checks, PayPal, or personal checks with a ten day
waiting period to clear. Purchases must be over $10 to accept PayPal.

Please send me an email to check for product availability, and for payment information.
Designs to Dye For

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If you're a past customer, and would care to leave a comment
about the service you received, please visit my guest book.
Any comments left for future customers would be appreciated.
If you are interested in buying from me, please check out what
others have had to say about their tie dyes and customer service.

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