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Fiber Optic Hats

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St. Louis Cardinals
Major League Officially Licensed Hats

Here's another great hat just in time for baseball season. These had the fiber optics done by the
same company as the Rams hats, but they have two sets of fiber optics instead of one, thus
the higher price. They blink on and off between the red and yellow lights, as illustrated by the
animation below. These look great at night! Pick one up for this year's baseball season.
Everyone will want to know where you got it! NWT, licensed Major League merchandise.
This is a wool cap, made with an adjustable plastic snap closure in the back.

These are really neat hats that you won't find anywhere else.
$28 each


Licensed Fiber Optic Hat from Logo Athletics

These are licensed Game Day hats, made by Logo Athletics, with the fiber optics done by
Lightwear, NWT. They also have one set of lights that blink on and off to show off
the embroidered logos. Made with an adjustable snap closure in the back.

St. Louis Cardinals-5 available
$20 each

Email me to buy any of these items.
I can send you a PayPal invoice by email.