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Design Gallery

Design Gallery
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Here are some of the designs I can do. None of the individual
items shown below are for sale. Any of the designs shown
can be requested in your choice of favorite colors. I have
chosen some of my more popular requests for my gallery items
but I am always learning and willing trying new designs and
colors. Please send me an email to place an order for a custom
tie dye. Be sure to specify what type and style of clothing,
design (as listed in my descriptions), colors, and size needed.
Not all requests can be filled. If a design and color scheme
are not possible for a particular item I carry, I'll let you know.
All custom orders will be filled as quickly as possible, but
generally allow about 4-6 weeks minimum for custom orders.


Rainbow Spiral Design

Sun and Earth Design

Rainbow and Black Spider Design

Rainbow Peace Sign

Rainbow and Blue Spiral

Rainbow Heart Design

Rainbow and Blue Spider

Mushroom Design (folded)

Mushroom (stitched)

Rainbow V

Rainbow and Black Double Spiral

To Place an Order, Send Me an Email